8th Grade Superzero

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In english class we are reading a book called 8th Grade Superzero. The book is about the life of a boy in a public school in New York City. His name is Reggie. He is in 8th grade, and he isn’t doing that well. The day he was going to read the pledge to his school  he spilled his guts in front of the whole school, aka, he threw up. Which in turn, made him have a low social standing and only having two loyal friends.


The book overall is pretty good, even though some chapters drag on, and then in others it seems to come and go in a blink of an eye. The book is getting more and more interesting as it gets closer to the end. I would spoil things for you, but I can’t, just read the book and find out! Anyways, my favorite character overall is Joe C. He was the guy that would be next to Reggie no matter what. Joe has always been his friend, and I think that is a good attribute that a person can have. I think the most interesting character is Justin, some people that have read the book might think, WHAT? But I have a reason. He is probably the most spoiled kid in the book. He is the most popular in the school, and all the girls want to be his “friend.”


He is the most interesting because, SPOILER ALERT, Reggie is running for school president and so is Justin. Its Reggie against the most popular kid, I predict that it will be close match, because Reggie isn’t that popular, but he has been doing things outside of school. For Justins end I think it going to be just from the popular vote. If Reggie wants to win the popular vote, he has to try to get popular. But, like I said, its probably going to be a close one, I’m voting for Reggie, GO REGGIE!


Question – Who would you vote for, Justin or Reggie?


Just a quick shoutout!

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I just want to say you should go follow this blog and check it out!


It is an awesome blog, I post on it along with my classmates!


– Paavo




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Chains is a historical fiction book written by Laurie Halse Anderson. Historical fiction is a book based off of real historical events, but the characters are fictional. It takes place during the Revolution for the freedom of the13 colonies.  Two African sisters, who are slaves have gone through a loss. Their mother and Miss Mary Finch just died. Their mother’s cruel brother takes them and sells them to the Locktons, a British family with no children.  They travel on a ship to New York with the Locktons, a long 2 day journey by ship. Once they get to New York City, Isabel is sent on a mission to get water from the pump. A boy named Curzon is there to help her get to the pump. After that she goes back to the Lockton’s house where she meets the other fellow servant, Becky. Becky is nice to Isabel and teaches her rules for around the house. The Locktons are Tories which means that they will do anything to help the British win the war.

For Chains, the two seventh grade classes are teaming up and making two giant paintings. We have to pick out a scene from the book; each class has to have a different scene. Currently we are in the drawing phase, where we each have to draw our own scene, then each group votes for a scene. We are going to draw it like a grid form, where we each draw a four inch by four inch area of the drawing. We also have to create a Chains’ portfolio, where we each have to make a blog post, a short historical fiction story and a sonnet poem.

Overall this book is great. I love learning about American history. I think that historical fiction is a great way to learn about history, since it ties in real events, with a slight fictional aspect.

– Paavo

PS I am sorry, my last post was not supposed to be posted :\


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Superstition, in essence, it’s not real, it doesn’t exist. Like the last post, it’s all in your mind. Here is a little superstition that has been around for a long time and when I talk about it, you will all know what I’m talking about!

Today I was at Vassar with my class. We are about to take samples of what lives in a stream. On the way there we encountered a Black Cat. It was probably a house cat, just hanging out. You all might know this superstition as the black cat one. If you don’t know, well here you go. The black cat myth or superstition is when people cross paths with one; they have infinite bad luck, karma basically. That gets me onto another superstition, Karma. It’s not an object, it is not around you and it’s in you. Karma gets created when you let’s say, cross paths with a black cat, bad luck.

Now that you know what superstition is! Use this information to your advantage.

– Paavo H


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This is a tool we use everyday, we depend on the pencil. Since its change from Led to Graphite, the pencil has improved. Though the design of the pencil has not changed, companies are constantly working to get a better eraser. Mechanical pencils have gotten more and more famous since their creation. Pencils come in a different shapes and sizes, there are bigger pencils meant for beginners and then there are normal size pencils for more, adept writers. Pencils are meant to either draw or write (on paper). Some people use pencils to draw on buildings, but don’t, its against the law. Anyways, the whole point was to talk about pencils and their usefulness.

Happy Holidays!

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to take this moment in wishing all of you a happy holidays!

I hope you all will have a wonderful new year!

– Paavo H

RIP Nelson Mandela :(

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I’d like to take a moment to say RIP to a great man. The wold has lost great man.

Thanks you for being a great man Nelson.

– Paavo H

P.S – I know, this is quite late, I lost access to my account.